For Wired Connection
  • SHU Library provides 16 network outlets for users to access to SHU network.
  • The network outlets are distributed over 1st floor : General Reading Room(with 10 outlets),5th floor : Reference Room( with 6 outlets).
  • If you need use the network outlets to access to SHU network, you have to bring your student identity card to register it from the counter.
For Wireless Connection To all users of SHU Library:

SHU Library provides wireless network service from now on and welcome all users bring your notebook to access to SHU network.

  1. Users with the wireless network card, you can go to 3th~6th floor of SHU Library to access to network.
  2. Users without the wireless network card, you can bring your student identity card to borrow it from the counter on the 2nd floor. Remember to returen it on that day.
  3. Users with the network card can also use the nodes distirbuted over 1st, and 5th floor.
Users of the SHU Network are expected to be familiar with and to follow the SHU Computing Policies. You, as a user, are responsible for your own computer's security and for the security of any other device you may use with your wireless service. Use of an anti-virus program is highly recommended.

Getting Help

If you have problems or questions related to your Wireless card setup and other relevant information. Please read the guidance of the Computer & Information Networking Center. 無線網卡設定及相關資訊請參考電算中心使用說明檔案

聯絡電話:(02) 2236-8225轉82252
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