Q:Can I borrow the Periodicals in the library?
A: According to regulations, our library don’t give the borrow-out service for periodicals and bound periodicals, but reading or printing inside is available.
Q:How do the library arrange Chinese periodicals and foreign periodicals?
A: We categorize Chinese periodicals for Chinese Periodical Area and Bound Chinese Area ; And categorize foreign periodicals for Foreign Periodical Area and Bound Foreign Periodical Area. All of the periodicals are listed alphabetically according to the title.
Q:What does the number and 〈A〉patterns on the label of front cover of a periodical mean?
A: The number stands for the book shelf’s number; ex:3-5 The〈A〉patterns means that periodicals are new arrivals.
Q:What should I do if a periodical I want is not on the book shelf?
A: (1) First, you can try to find periodicals on the book cart/trolley around the photocopier, because someone maybe forget to place it on the book shelf after copying.
(2) Second, you can try to see if another reader is reading it in periodical area.
(3)If you can not find it finally, welcome to ask the librarian front the information desk.
Q:How do I make acquisition recommendations for ?
A: The Library welcomes acquisition recommendations from University faculty, students, and staff for periodical or books. Please fill out an application for recommendation and it needs chairmen’s signature. Remember to hand in the application to the library after finishing.
Q:Where do I buy a copy card?
A: You can buy one in campus bookstore or visit the information desk on 2F of the library.
Q:Where is the photocopier in the library ?

One in Periodical Area on 2F;
Two in NewsPaper Area on 4F;
One in Chinese Reference Area on 5F ;
Two in Bound Periodical Area on 6F.

Q:How long do the library keep newspaper for?
A: The library conserves the United Daily News、Central Daily News、China Times and over a long period of time, and keep others just for the last 3 months.
Q:How should I use Microfilm System in the library ?and how does it charge?
A: You can ask the librarian at first use of Microfilm System. Fee: NT$2 per A4 sheet.
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