Q: How to renew? Any exceptions of renewal ?
A: 1. Renewal guidance:
(1)Online Renewal:
Following step1~stp8

1.Select Library Home first.( 
2.Clicking “ Library Catalog ” 
3.After step2, Clicking” My Account”
4.Step4, input your Borrower ID and password (Faculty: Your Faculty ID number, Student: Your Student ID number), then clicking “Login” button. 
5.After step4, clicking Library Patron's Circulation Status (” borrowing record”?) 
6.Then, you can renew the book ( renew books not only one) , go clicking “Renew” button. 
7.The website will show” renewal succeed and login number”, if renewal failed will show the reason for users.
8.Finally, you can click Library Patron's Circulation Status ( “borrowing record”) button again then the renewal succeed book will show the new due date for you.

(2)Users go to SHU library and renew books in person with their student ID card or Service Identity card.

2. The following exceptions apply:

(1)Items which are returned late or right locked or fine unpaid can not be renewed.
(2)Reserved items cannot be renewed.
(3)Items checked out through Summit may be renewed once.
Q: How to reserve? Any exceptions of reservation?
A: 1 . How to reserve? Any exceptions of reservation?
2 .The procedure of reservation:
(1) Select “Library Home” first (
(2) Click “Library Catalog”.
(3) Then, go clicking “Library Catalog” button to start to search
(4) After searching for the book, the frame will show ”Simple form” and display all books to fit in with the terms( not show the book status)
(5) Click the title of the retrieved book and enter in the frame” Library catalog”, if the “Book status” shows “Borrowed”, the user can reserve the book.
(6) Then go clicking the call number, it will show the dialogue frame” Reserve book?”, then you click the ”Enter” button to go into the frame” Reserved amount”.
(7) Entering “Reserved amount”, please input the ID number (Faculty :the faculty service ID number, Student: student ID number) and the password( the number given in advance of SHU library is the same as your service ID or student ID number, and the letters of the alphabet is capital.
(8) If the frame shows “Reservation succeed”,it means you are in reserved amount, if reservation failed will show the reason for you.
(9) Remember to press [logout] or [start over] button before you leave. To avoid your id number stolen by other people
Q:Where are photocopy machines of SHU Library?
A:The photocopy machines located on 2nd floor( with 1 machine), 4th floor( with 2 machine), 5th floor( with 1 machine) and 6th floor( with 2 machines) in SHU library.
Q:Is it possible to lend books without Student ID Card ?
A: The user can’t be allowed to borrow books from SHU library while losing his student id card. According to the Borrowing policies No.12” If the loan card lost, please reported to circulation desk immediately it is noticed. If the lost loan card used in place of another student to cause the book can’t be return, the fine and fees is responsible for the individual in person.
Q: Is it possible to lend books with another person's student ID?"
A: According to the Borrowing policies No. 11 ” The loan card can’t be lent to other people to use. If any violation of the borrowing policy, the SHU library can forbid the user’s loan right.
Q:"Are the user allowed to lend books in place of another student? Or return books in place of another student? "
A: The book can’t be allowed to lend in place of another student. To avoid the lost student id card stolen by another student . If for some reason, you are unable to come on your own, you may ask someone else to come for you
Q:How many books the user can borrow? How long the loan period of user?
A: Readers with different backgrounds with different loan volumes and loan period:

(1)、Lecturer 50 volumes / 8weeks
(2)、Visiting Lecturer 20 volumes / 8 weeks
(3)、Graduate Student 30 volumes / 8 weeks
(4)、Faculty and staff 20 volumes/ 6 weeks
(5)、Undergraduate Student 20 volumes / 6 weeks
(6)、Extension Education Student 20 volumes / 6 weeks
(7)、Experimental Elementary School Student 10 volumes/ 4 weeks 
(8)、Alumni 10 volumes / 4 weeks
(9)、Assistant Researcher 10 volumes / 4weeks 
(10)、Retiring lecturers、faculties and staffs 10 volumes / 4weeks

Q:When the user lost book, how to deal with the problem?

step1, any lost or damage to a book should be reported to circulation desk immediately it is noticed. Users should complete the replacing procedure during 30 days since the overdue book is reported to our counter.

Step2, the replacement charges notice:
1.A Library replacement bill is issued when a user fails to return borrowed materials. The replacement charge must be the same as the title, author, publishing year, press of the original book.。
2.If the lost book is the out-of-print book, the replacement charge must be the 5 times of the actual cost of the item or a standard price selected from the SHU Library .

If the user has any question, please call number to the SHU library or the extension 2252 of the campus.

Q:About overdue book gas fees and fines?
A:Patrons will be responsible for overdue fines: NT$5/day per item.
Q: Why does “Book status ”show “the book is still in the library”, but I can’t fine out the book on the self? How to find the missing item?
A: 1.The prior user didn’t put the book on the original self.
2. If you have been unable to find an item on the shelf, Please go to the counter and fill the form 2nd floor. Library staff will search for the item and notify you of the result by e-mail.
Q:How to register the Interlibrary Loan Card?
A: SHU, NTU, NTN, NCCU, HFU, and China University Of Technology and these libraries all have Interlibrary Loan Service, If any needs, students can go to the counter on the 2nd floor and borrow the library card you want to go by your student ID card. User can borrow only one library card once and the loan period is 3 days if the borrowed library card overdue, the user’s right will be forbidden 1 month ; and the library loan period is 3 weeks.
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