↘ Rules for micro-miniature copy machine

  • Services:
    • User:All patrons
    • Time:Working hours
    • Method:Searching by oneself ( or requst for help)
    • Charge:University faculties and students : NT$2 / per page(A4)
           External members : NT$5 / per page(A4)
    • Time limits:One hour / each ( in case of no waiting may extend the time.)
  • Notice:
    • With the necessary materials, please request and fill the form for librarians.
    • Please follow the instructions on the machine, any problem ask librarians.
    • Be careful while using machine. Any unusual occurence, don`t hesitate to inform staff. If improper operation or malicious to cause demage, should have liability to pay compensation.
    • Do not infrinae copyright.

↘ 西文期刊
單片 Academy of Management Journal V.18-35 1975-'92
單片 Academy of Management Review V.2-17 1977-'92
單片 ACM Computing Surveys V.3-24 1971-'92
單片 Advertising Age V.46-63 1975-'92
捲片 American Documentation V20-31 1950-'69
捲片 American Economic Review V.1-66 1911-'76
單片 American film V.1-17 1975-'92
單片 Annals of Tourism Research V.9-17 (單片) 1982-'90
捲片 Annals of Tourism Research V.1-8 (捲片) 1973-'81
單片 Broadcasting V.88-93 1975-'77
單片 Byte V.1-16 1975-'91
單片 Canadian Journal of Communication V.1-18 1974-'93
單片 Cinema Journal V.23-31 1983-'92
單片 Columbia Journalism Review V.14-18(單片)  1975-'80
捲片 Columbia Journalism Review V.1-13(捲片) 1962-'75
單片 Communication Education V.25-41 1976-'92
單片 Communication Research V.1-18 1974-'91
單片 Cooperation and Conflict V.20-26 1985-'91
Cornell hotel and restaurant administration quarterly V.1-13 1960-'73
Development and psychopathology V.7-12 1995-'00
Educational psychologist V.1-19 1963-'84
單片 Editor & Publisher V.108-110, 124,125 1975-77,91,92
單片 Environment and Behavior V.7-24 1975-'92
單片 Film Quarterly V.24-44 1970-'91
單片 Global Communications V.13 1991
單片 Group and Organization Management V.17 1992
Human communication research V.1-4 1974-'78
捲片 Human Resource Management V.1-6(捲片) 1961-'67
單片 Human Resource Management V.14-31 1975-'92
單片 Information & Software Technology V.29-34 1987-'92
單片 International Management V.31-40 1976-'85
單片 Journal of Advertising Research V.15-32 1975-'92
Journal of Applied Communication Research V.1-4 1973-'76
單片 Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media V.29-36 1985-'92
單片 Journal of Communication V.1-41 1951-'91
單片 Journal of consumer Research V.1-18 1974-'92
Journal of education for library and information science V.35-36 1994-'95
捲片 Journal of Information Science V.1-19 1979-'93
單片 Journal of Management Information Systems V.5-6 1988-'90
捲片 Journal of Political Economy V.1-101 1892-'93
捲片 Journal of Politics V.1-23 1939-'61
Journal of social and clinical psychology V.1-15 1983-'96
捲片 Journal of the American Society for Information Science V.1-39 1950-'88
單片 Journalism Quarterly V.52-58 1975-'81
捲片 Library Quarterly V.1-63 1931-'93
單片 Library Trends V.24-33 1975-'85
單片 Management Communication Quarterly V.3-5 1989-'92
單片 Management Science V.22:1-38 1975-'92
單片 Marketing & Research Today V.17-18 1989-'90
單片 Marketing Science V.4-11 1985-'92
捲片 Psychological Review V.42-57 1935-'50
單片 Public Relations Journal V.31-41 , 45,47,48 1975-'92
單片 Public Relations Quarterly V.22-33,36 1977-'92
捲片 Public Relations Quarterly V.1-21(捲片) 1955-'76
單片 Public Relations Review V.1-18 1975-'92
單片 Qualitative Inquiry V.1-2 1995-'96
單片 Quarterly Journal of Speech V.61-78 1975-'92
單片 Restaurant Business Magazine V.75-90 1976-'91
單片 Satellite Communications V.1-15 1977-'91
單片 Small Group Research V.21-23 1990-'92
Sociological methods & research V.1-22 1972-'94
單片 Telecommunications Policy V.7-14 1983-'90
單片 Television / Radio Age V.1-37:9 1953-'89
單片 Washington Journalism Review V.5-13:10 1983-'91
捲片 World Politics V.1-17 1948-'65
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